2016                                Shrek the Musical                                                             Mainstage/Treehouse

2013                                The Wizard of Oz                                                              Treehouse Theatre

2012                                The Maiden of Stonehenge                                               Treehouse Theatre

2011                                Alice Through the Looking-Glass                                      Treehouse Theatre

2010                                Alice in Wonderland                                                           Treehouse Theatre

2008                                Siyotanka                                                                           Treehouse Theatre

2007                                Stage Fright 2007                                                              Pensacola Little Theatre

2006                                Peter Pan                                                                          Treehouse Theatre

2005                                Stage Fright “Trilogy of Terror”                                          Pensacola Little Theatre

2003                                A Treehouse Christmas Carol                                            Treehouse Theatre

2003                                Stage Fright “Theatre of the Dead”                                    Pensacola Little Theatre

2002                                Stage Fright “Behind the Screams”                                    Pensacola Little Theatre

2001                                Anne Frank and Me                                                           Treehouse Theatre

1999                                The Velveteen Rabbit                                                        Treehouse Theatre

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